Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Gold Silver

In the southern version of the Bhagavata Purana, after Vishnu deceives the demons by his maya female form, Shiva sees Mohini. He becomes "bereft of shame and robbed by her of good sense," runs crazily behind enchanting form, while his wife Parvati (Uma) looks on. Shiva is overcome by Kāma (love and desire) in this version of mythology. Shiva's seed falls on the ground creating ores of silver and gold.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Arrival Place of Shirdi Sai Baba

Khandoba is another name of Lord Shiva's Martand Bhairav(incarnation) to Marry
Shri Mahalasa is another name for Lord Vishnu’s Mohini Roopa (incarnation) 

This is the place where Sai Baba first set His foot in Shirdi. Khandoba temple is situated at the outskirts of the village. The priest of this temple had welcomed that young nameless fakir as 
 'Aao Sai' (Welcome Sai!)


Wednesday, 9 August 2017


On the bank of the River Narmada, in the city of Mahishmati, there lived a wealthy prostitute named Mohini. She was young and beautiful and very adept in the arts of singing and dancing.  Being greedy for wealth, Mohini committed many sins. Indeed, she killed seven brahmanas and performed many abortions.But, as happens, old age finally overcame her. Thus her desire for sensual  enjoyment declined, and she no longer hankered after the asso¬ciation of young men. And they also no longer longed for her.One night, Mohini thought to herself, "Whose wealth will this be after I am  dead? My maidservants and their husbands will enjoy it, that's for sure. Better I now make good use of it."Thinking like this, Mohini made up her mind to do righteous acts. She then constructed  gardens, lakes, wells and temples. She made a place where travellers would get food and water. Near to her house, she made a guesthouse where travellers could stay.She then thought, "I have become  old, and still much of my wealth remains. I had better give charity to the brahmanas.The brahmanas were afraid of accepting gifts from a prostitute, however, and so Mohini finally gave her wealth to  her maidservants and even strangers. In this way, she became destitute. At this time, her maidservants abandoned her and then she got a high fever. By fasting, she finally was cured. There was one  remaining maidservant, named jaradgava, who served Mohini very nicely. After recovering from her disease, she ate at Jaradgava's house. She felt ashamed to do this, however. Thinking, "I had lived  happily here, but now that I'm poor, life is miserable", Mohini left home and entered the forest.The thieves of the city considered, "Mohini must be carrynig a lot of wealth." Thus they attacked her in  the forest. But, finding nothing of value, they left her lying there, injured. At this time, a mendicant came tbere, carrying a pot full of water from Prayaga.

Upon seeing the wounded woman, who was signaling him to give some water, the mendicant asked, "Who are you? What happened to you? Why did you come to this remote forest? Being unable to  speak, Mohini simply opened her mouth, hoping to get water. At this time, she desired, "May I next become a queen.When the water from Prayaga was put into her mouth, at that very moment, she gave  up her life. As a result, she was next born as the daughter of the king of Kerala. Because of her golden complexion, her father named her Hemangi. When she grew up, she became the wife of King  Viravarman.Once, Queen Hemangi went to the house of her friend, Kala, the daughter of the king's minister. While there, Hemangi requested, "Show me the most wonderful thing in your house."
Kala then brought a golden box saying, "Inside is a very wonder¬ful book that has many nice pictures. Open it up and see."Hemangi opened the box and took out the book. In it, she saw wonderful  pictures of Lord Vishnu's incarnations. Then, she saw a map of the universe. She saw the seven islands, surrounded by seven seas. She saw the Lokaloka mountain, dividing the light part of the universe  from the dark. She then saw Bharata-varsha, and within- the Ganga, Yamuna, and numerous holy places.At this time, Hemangi remembered the acts of her former birth. Having seen Vrindavana, on the  banks of the River Yamuna, and then Prayaga, she thought to herself, "I will fast until I can leave for that holy place."Hemangi quickly returned home and told her husband, Viravarman, "Formerly, I was  a prostitute and committed many sins. When I became impoverished, I went to the forest and there, I was killed by robbers. As I lay wounded, a mendicant came and put water from the Ganga into my  mouth. While dying, I desired to become a queen in my next life, and for this reason, I am now your wife. I want to go with you to Prayaga. I have vowed not to eat any food until that journey has  be¬gun."The King asked, "How do I know that what you say is true?" Just then, a voice spoke from the sky: "O king, your wife has spoken the truth. If you go to Prayaga and bathe there, you will receive
the fulfillment of your desires.

Hearing this, the king fell to the ground to offer obeisances. Then, calling his minister, he ordered his chariot to be made ready. The king and his wife then went to Prayaga and bathed there. Just at that  time, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu arrived. The king offered his prayers and then his wife offered hers, saying, "If You favor me, who has a cruel heart, then help me to cross over this ocean of  mundane existence. By the grace of this holy place, I became a queen. Now, I have seen You, who are very difficult to behold.After assuring Hemangi that she and her husband would be liber¬ated, Lord  Brahma and Lord Vishnu departed.